Accoeding to the popular informational portal Numbeo, Tbilisi takes 19th place in the ranking list of the "safest cities of the world".

In total in the current rating for 2017 the data for 378 cities.

Numbeo has the world's largest database, which is formed basing on information from tourists and residents of different cities and states around the planet. The safest city is Abu Dhabi. The crime index (CI) of the UAE capital is 15.51 points, and the safty index (SI) - 84.49. It is followed by German Munich, Taiwanese Taipei, Swiss Basel, Danish Aarhus, German Heidelberg, Qatar Doha, Singapore, Indian Mangalore and Swiss Zurich.

Tbilisi in the security rating is much ahead of the other countries located in the neighborhood. The CI of Tbilisi is 19.96 points, and the SI - 80.04.

Meanwhile, Yerevan's capital Yerevan is ranked 88th. The CI in Yerevan was 29, 18 points, and the SI - 70.82. Baku ranked 71st in the security rating. The CI of the Azerbaijani capital was 27.47 points, and the SI - 72.53 points.

The CI of the Turkish city of Bursa was 21.38 points, and the SI - 78.62 points. Bursa is on the 29th place in the ranking.

Another Turkish city of Eskişehir is on the 49th place. The CI of Eskishehir is 24.54 points, and the SI is 75.46 points.

The resort Turkish city of Antalya is located on the 93rd place in the security rating. The CI of this city was 30.09 points, and the SI - 69.91 points.

The capital of Turkey, Ankara - on 179 place. The SI was 42.85 points, and the CI was 57.15.

Istanbul is located on the 246th place. The CI of this city was 50.20 points, and the SI - 54.68.

Moscow is located on the 205th place. The CI of Moscow was 45.32 points, and the SI - 49.80.

Better indicators for the northern capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, which is located on the 175th place. The CI of St. Petersburg was 42.28 points, and the SI - 57.72.

Novosibirsk with a CI of 49.35 points and a SI of 50.65 located on the 239th place. The CI of Yekaterinburg was 51.20 points, and the SI - 48.80, which allowed this Urals city to settle on 261th place.

As for the most dangerous and unsafe city in the world is named the capital of Venezuela - Caracas, the CI of which was 86.61 points, and the SI - 13.39.

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