National Geographic

One of the most high-mountainous villages in Europe and the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Ushguli community, again found itself in the spotlight of the world's media.

Exciting landscapes and medieval structures of the highland Svaneti are investigated by reporters of the Wall Street Journal and the National Geographic channel.

They are engaged in filming a short documentary dedicated to the daily life and traditions of the local population, as well as the preparation of articles.

Six journalists from Great Britain arrived in Georgia as part of a press tour organized by the National Tourism Administration (NTA). After the completion of his trip, matterials dedicated to Ushguli will be published on the Web sites of the Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, and Star Airlines.

In anticipation of the beginning of the tourist season in the highland Svaneti, these materials will encourage even more foreigners to visit this region of Georgia, says NTA.

In order to attract more tourists, Georgia has been conducting active marketing campaigns for the couple of years. At the end of March 2017, the NTA launched an advertising campaign in the leading online media which will be adertising about Georgian tourism potential in 14 states around the world by the end of June.

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