Edition Telegraph included Georgia (Tbilisi) into the list of those countries where the number of tourists and foraign visitors are more than the population of the country itself.

Georgia takes 37th place in total of 51 countries in this list. According to the Telegraph publication, an average of 1.49 tourists comes per citizen in Georgia.

The publication comes out of the statistics of 2015, when total nuber of tourists and foraugn visitors reached 5.9 million people. Meanwhile, in 2016 that number increased up to to 6.3 million visitors.

The first place on this list is taken by Andorra - a dwarf state in Europe, where an average of 33 tourists comes per citizen. On second place is Macau, autonomy in the composition of Kitty, there were 24 tourists comes on one resident of the country. The third is occupied by the British Isles (Great Britain and Ireland), where 12 comes per citizen. The last place was taken by the Czech Republic, where, 1.0062 tourists comes per inhabitant.

Georgia from January to April 2017 was visited by about 1.8 million foreigners, which is 11.1% more than the data for the previous year.

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